Im Stilll here.....

Hi Everyone. Im still here. I sorry it's been so long sing my last update but It really is hard to keep up. Anyway, I am performing today for a friends 50th Anniversary. I can't wait. Can you believe that this couple has been married FOR 50 YEARS!!!! That is so amazing. Im going to sing "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri as well as "I cant Stop Falling In love" by Elvis. I really hope that they like these songs.

Next week I have another performance in Toronto for CMTC (Canadian Talent and Model Convention). I competed last year and this year that asked me to come back as a guest. Can you believe that? I am so honoured to go and hopefully inspire at least one artist to follow their dreams. I really will try to get back here more often. Please be patient. Im definately not going to stop sining. Love you all.

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